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New Home Cleaning & Organizing 

Serving MD, DE, PA and, NJ Since 2015


              New Home Cleaning and Organizing is a company aiming to remove your stress by cleaning and/or organizing your mess. Cleaning is NOT a chore or a job to us. It is a Passion. Our goal is to provide that fresh environment to every client. Recapturing that moment when you first fell in love with your home. NHC&O knows the difference between waking up to a Bacteria filled, unorganized home Versus a Freshly scented, Fully sanitized, Organized home. Believe it or not it does effect your mood an the way you start your day. We also understand that Life can be hectic and there is just not enough time in a day to keep up with the total Maintenance of your fabulous home. For others, times just might not be the same and you may not be able to maneuver the way you used too. Well, We Are Here For You!!!

                At New Home Cleaning and Organizing we like to make every experience personal. Making sure our clients feel safe, secure and, understood is a Priority. When you first contact us for a quote we will set up a FREE Home Visit Consultation (HVC). A FREE HVC means a representative will come out to your home at your earliest convenience to walk through with you and asses the work that needs to be done. The representative will come equipped with a note pad for notes, brochure and, flyers. In case you wanna tell a friend. They will also be equipped with Measuring tape and a camera, for any organizing needs you may have and for before and after photos. which will only be used at your approval.. After everything has been assessed and both parties are on the same page, we will sit with you to set a convenient date to get the job done.     

A Dream Come True!

Diane+New Home Cleaning and Organizing= MIRACLE! 
     "I've moved one/ year for the last 12 years and never quite settle in, which meants lots of bins and a lot of misplaced things. I've gotten used to the struggle and functioned through it.
     I've rented a room for 1.5 years now, and think I will stay for a while, but I could no longer function in the mess! Thumbtack is my go to for everything! 
      Diane was the first to contact me and within one day, she did an in person assessment. She said "easy peasy" and was hired on the spot to start 2 days later. I could tell over the phone and in person that she is trust worthy and actually loves what she does. I couldn't stop hugging her!
     I left her in my living space all day to work a miracle, and she did just that! Everything has a spot! She told me I might have a hard time finding things, which I did for a minute, but things just are where they should've been from the start.
    She is a wonderful person and her work is amazing! If you don't choose New Home Cleaning and Organizing, you will absolutely make the wrong choice. My life is changed!"

Melinda P. 2016

Welcome  Home

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Standard House Cleaning

"Diane was great. She did an amazing job of cleaning my house."

Hope L.                                            February 1, 2018

House Cleaning

"Diane was amazing! She was available at the last minute which was great. Not only was she very professional and friendly but she put so much work into cleaning my bathroom and shower. I can't thank her enough. Will definitely be using her in the future and would highly recommend."

Kelsey V.                                         January 13, 2018

Deep Cleaning

"Did a good job cleaning, didn't complain about how messy my apartment is(its messy)."

Carsten T.                                   January 11, 2018


      "Diane was professional, quick, kind and obviously had a vision for my office. Her rates are quite reasonable. She completed the project without any issues and it looks great. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with her as well. I will definitely request her services again and highly recommend her to others."

Michael R.   2016

Short Notice Standard Cleaning

"Lovely reception and timely arrival. Got the job done on short notice. Reasonable price and took the time to ask for any special needs. Great experience all around."

Thumbtack Customer                         January 3, 2018

MoveOut Cleaning

"Diane and her team were excellent. The did a brilliant job. They were professional as well as friendly and kind. They came out on a holiday, which was really nice of them. We are going to ask for her services in the future. We would highly recommend her."

Samar J.                                            January 1, 2018

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