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Taking Extra Steps, to Stay Extra Clean, During Covid-19

      NHC&O realizes that 2020 has been a year filled with a chain of events none of us expected. Events causing hardships and awakening fears some of us never knew we had. These times call for us all to be stronger as a unit and supportive of one another. 

     Which is why NHC&O is taking extra steps to secure the Health and Safety of our NHC&O Family and Friends. Our Staff is now required to wear the proper PPE such as: 


              *Disposable Nitrile Gloves

              *Hand Sanitizer

              *Disinfectant Spray

              *Shoe Covers

              *Full Body Cover (if required)

Here at NHC&O Your Health is Our Priority!

UnComparable    Care  

     When you clean with Care, no one can Compare. We take pride in the relationships we build with Our Clientele and their families. From watching their children grow up and go to college, to watching their pets grow old and wise!  

We Are Trustworthy!

Trusted By Families



    Here at NHCO we thrive on the success of reducing Stress. We can't hear enough praise on "How Life Saving" We have been to multiple families. No Matter What, We strive to accommodate. In any case something has been overlooked, Just give us Call within 24 Hours and We will return Free of charge to Correct Our Wrong. Just another way for us to keep that Stress-Free Guarantee.

Providing Peace
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